Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

Three Reasons The Family Should Move In Together When A Parent Goes Into Hospice Care

As children get older, the nuclear family tends to spread out a bit more when it comes to space. Some children stay within the city where they are born while others go to college and set up shop in another state entirely. Family get-togethers become more important after everyone has moved out versus when everyone lived together. If a parent is going into hospice care, this is one time that the entire family should consider moving back into the family home together. Here are three reasons why the family should move back into one home during the hospice care of one parent.

The parent can be made more comfortable emotionally

Getting to the end of life comes with a lot of physiological and emotional changes. If your parent is missing a child and wondering when each person may get a turn to visit them, this can cause them distress which makes the transition into hospice care harder. If all of the nuclear family is living under one roof again, everyone can visit at their leisure throughout the day. This will provide an unmatched level of comfort for the family member who is getting towards the end of life. 

Making final arrangements is much easier

With everyone in one space, talking about final arrangements is a much easier task. If there are multiple siblings, there can be a division of labor regarding the tasks necessary to plan medical treatments, financial arrangements, and create a funeral plan. These can all be emotionally difficult tasks; however, they are made easier when there is in-house support and others who can be leaned on. Speak over all final arrangements with your parents then set out to complete tasks that must be done for end-of-life planning. Hospice nurses are equipped to help guide you in how to lay out final plans for a dying relative. 

The fond memories always come back

One of the things that you want to avoid while a parent is in home hospice care is slipping into depression. In a lonely house, this can easily happen, even when caring hospice nurses are around. With children and grandchildren back in the home, your parent is likely to have a resurgence of fond memories, regarding your childhood and how well you have turned out. Having happiness and companionship from loved ones when nearing the end is the ultimate form of comfort. Be sure to spend this time speaking with your parent as if it is a family get-together, so they know it is them, not their illness that is the central reason for everyone to be together at this time. 

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