Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

Home Care Services For Seniors With DJD

If your elderly loved one has a degenerative joint disease, otherwise known as DJD, then they may need help in the home because this orthopedic disorder can cause severe joint pain, immobility, joint deformity, decreased range of motion, and even depression. Consider the following interventions provided by home care services personnel that may help your loved one feel more comfortable at home.  Exercise, Physical Therapy, And Errands Your loved one's physician may have recommended mild exercises to alleviate some of the symptoms of DJD. Read More 

Private Pay Home Care Service Benefits

If you have an elderly loved one who has recently developed the need for home care, then you may be deciding just how you will pay for this care. While many elderly who are in need of home care obtain financial assistance after applying for government programs, such as Medicaid or Medicare, others choose to obtain private pay home care services or combine private pay care with government-subsidized care.  Read on to learn about two of the several benefits of private pay home care services that you should keep in mind when navigating your loved one's home care options. Read More 

Why Should You Choose In-Home Physical Therapy?

Getting physical therapy after a long period of hospitalization or a significant injury is an important step in recovery. While many people think that they can simply solve their problems by getting back to daily life and exercising, if you're being advised to engage in physical therapy, that likely won't be enough. Many people don't realize how weak their bodies have become after an issue like this and can end up injuring themselves and making the situation worse in their efforts to get back to normal. Read More 

Overnight Home Healthcare Services

When you think of home healthcare services, you may not think of overnight options. The truth is that many families need overnight care for their loved ones. If you are in this situation, you may not be sure what services are available during the overnight hours. Here are a few of the overnight services you can request from a home healthcare agency and what to know about each service. Sitting Services Read More 

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Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

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