Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

Get Peace of Mind—Hire In-Home Senior Care for Your Relative

When you become the caretaker of an aging loved one, you assume responsibility for his or her daily hygiene, diet, medical care, and other important tasks. However, you may find it challenging to balance these tasks when you work a full-time job and have children at home. You may not have enough time in the day to take care of your loved one as they deserve. 

Rather than burn yourself out or cut short the responsibilities that you owe to your job and children, you can hire in-home senior care workers to help you with your elderly relative's daily upkeep. These tasks are some that in-home senior care workers can provide on a daily basis. 

1. Showering or Bathing

Senior citizens who are afflicted with diabetes and severe arthritis often cannot shower or bathe by themselves. They can fall down and get hurt in the tub. They also may lack the physical range of motion to scrub themselves and wash their hair. 

Rather than allow your loved one to go without regular bathing, you can hire in-home senior care workers to assist them with this task. The senior in-home care worker that arrives each day can help your relative in and out of the shower or bath. They can also assist with washing your loved one's hair and making sure this relative is sufficiently clean.

2. Assisting with Medicine

The senior in-home care workers can also assist your relative with taking medicine each day. Aging individuals sometimes forget to take their medications. They also get confused and end up taking their medications more often than they should. 

To ensure that your relative gets his or her medications each day, you can have an in-home senior care worker assist with this task. This worker can also help with tasks like checking glucose or blood iron levels and monitoring your loved one's blood pressure each day. Once they know your relative's medical concerns, they can ensure your relative is following the doctor's orders. 

In-home senior care workers often work in 12-hour rotating shifts so there is always someone at home with your relative when you can't be there. Your relative will also see the same people and feel at ease. Insurance programs like Medicare or Medicaid may also pay for part or all of senior in-home care services. Your relative can get regular bathing and avoid falls in the shower or tub. They can also get his or her medications taken daily.

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Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

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