Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

Answers About Home Health

Home health care is available to people who need assistance from home with regard to different aspects of their health and well-being due to an inability to tend to those needs on their own. If you want to know more about home health care because you are wondering if it is a good idea for a senior in your life that you think should have senior care, then you will find the questions and answers here to be helpful.

Who can be helped by home health care?

Anyone who needs help with health-related things or with things they can't do on their own because of health or even age issues can get help from a home health care aide. This means someone who is healing up after going through surgery, someone who has suffered an injury and is healing, someone who has chronic conditions, or someone who is elderly will be able to get help.

What are the credentials of someone doing home health care?

The credentials of someone who is doing home health care will depend on the tasks they will be doing in order to help the person they are providing assistance for. If the person needs specific medical care a nurse should do, then the home health care person will be a registered nurse. If the person needs basic medical care, then the person may be a licensed vocational nurse or a certified nursing assistant, depending on the exact type of care the person needs. If the person needs help with things like range of motion or getting up and moving around, then the home health provider may be a licensed physical therapist.

What are some of the different things a home health care aide will help with?

Some of the most obvious things that someone will be able to get help with, thanks to home health aides, include help with administering medication, taking vitals, checking and caring for wounds and surgery sites, help with cooking, help with cleaning, help with personal hygiene, and more things like these. In fact, a home health care aide can even assist the person with things they need done outside of the home.

Some examples of these things include taking someone to see their dentist, their eye doctor, and their doctor. The person may also take them other places, such as to the pharmacy or to the lab to have tests done. The home health aide may also take the person to the store for groceries, or even go shopping for them.

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