Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

Three In-Home Care Services That Can Prevent Your Loved One From Getting Depressed

Approximately 6 million senior Americans suffer from depression, and there are many reasons why that is. Poor health, dying friends and family members, and a loss of independence can all negatively impact an older person's mental health. While medication and lifestyle changes can help improve your senior loved one's state of mind, here are three in-home care services that may also be beneficial:

Grooming and Hygiene

As people age, it can become more and more difficult for them to take care of themselves. Mobility and hand/eye coordination may suffer because of disease, injury, or simply age-related degradation. When a person's self-care routine suffers, he or she may develop low self-esteem because of the decline in their appearance, which can lead to or aggravate depression.

A particularly beneficial service that can prevent this, then, is a grooming and self-care option. A trained in-home caretaker will help your loved one bathe, dress, and attend to other beauty needs (e.g. hair styling, shaving) to ensure the person looks and feels their best. This, in turn, can increase the person self-confidence and well-being; two things that can help lessen or prevent depression.


Research indicates seniors who remain socially engage do better in life. Unfortunately, it's all too common for older people to become increasingly isolated as adult children drift away, spouses die, and friends fall ill. When a person becomes cut off from society, there's a higher risk they'll fall and remain in a depressive state.

Another service that can help prevent that is the companionship option. This service involves the in-home caretaker simply spending time and conversing with your loved one and participating in any activities he or she finds interesting. For instance, the caretaker may play board games with your loved one or read to him or her. This is an excellent way for someone who may be unable to get out into the world to obtain the social interaction they need to maintain optimum mental health.


Being in a dirty and cluttered environment is unhealthy but, like with self-care, a senior may be unable to keep his or her room (or home) tidy because of mobility issues. Some in-home caretakers will also take on the responsibility of cleaning your loved one's living space. While it is possible to hire a maid service, it may be more convenient for you to bundle this service with others you may order from the in-home care organization.

To learn more about these and other available in-home care services, contact a home care business like Neighbors Home Care Services.

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