Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

Worried About Your Mom Losing Mobility? 3 Strategies For Helping Your Mom Stay Independent

People often thing that a loss of mobility is just a normal part of aging. However, there are many things that can be done to prevent winding up in a wheelchair. Many of the most common causes of a senior losing their mobility can be addressed with proper care and a desire to continue striving to lead a healthy lifestyle. As you sit down with your mom to develop her care plan, make sure to discuss these strategies along with how they help her to maintain her mobility and independence. 

Encourage Movement and Exercise

Those stiff joints sometimes make it hard to get out of bed in the morning, but seniors with arthritis should know that moving their bodies is what helps loosen up the stiffness. Getting daily exercise also helps seniors to maintain their balance so that they are less likely to fall, and those long walks work wonders for helping with weight management since obesity places greater strain on the joints. To make sure that your mom gets enough exercise, recruit her in home care provider to assist her with things such as walks or driving to her exercise class.

Be Proactive About Fall Prevention

Fall-related injuries are a major reason why some seniors lose their mobility. Often, a fall leads to a fractured hip or a torn ligament in the knee that a senior never fully recovers from. Fortunately, making a few changes around your mom's home helps prevent falls. Spend some time assessing each room for hazards. Then, remove the ones you can such as a slippery throw rug, and add safety features such as grab bars in the shower.

Take Care of Minor Injuries Right Away

When an injury does occur, it is important to make sure that your mother has what she needs for a safe recovery. This is because trying to walk on a broken foot or lift things with a strained back can lead to even more serious injuries that can permanently hinder her mobility. Arrange for senior care services such as assistance with bathing or preparing meals so that your mom isn't tempted to do something on her own that could cause another serious injury.

Everyone desires the ability to live an active lifestyle well into their golden years, and you can make this goal a reality for your mom by simply addressing the most common reasons for seniors to lose their mobility. Providing your mom with assistance and a safer home will ensure that she keeps walking for many more years. Contact a senior care service for help.

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Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

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