Understanding Home Health Care Challenges

Coping With Sibling Conflict & Seniors At Home

If you are caring for an elderly parent at home, sibling conflict is probably not new to you. Many families struggle with the new roles they take on when they care for their parents, especially when there are multiple siblings involved. If you are concerned about sibling conflict, these tips will help you cope with the difficulties.

Divvy Out Duties

Many siblings don't agree that all of the issues your parent needs help with are important. In fact, your siblings could even suggest that you aren't really doing that much to help. You may find it helpful to sit down together and craft a list of everything your parent needs assistance with. Together, you can see the strain of the work, and you might even help a sibling realize that he or she is out of line regarding expectations for care.

From that point, you may have an easier time deciding who can help in what ways. While you may provide in-home care for your parent, your siblings may be able to help by providing respite on one day of the week or by providing some of the financial help to handle an in-home nurse, cleaning, or other assistance.

Establish a Plan for Emergencies Now

The worst time to plan for an emergency is when the emergency is already happening. Plus, trying to make important decisions during an emotional, scary time can lead to high-stress and conflict. Together, come up with a plan for several situations you may have to deal with in the future.

For example, which hospital will your parent go to if something happens suddenly? And what happens if you need to go out of town to handle another emergency elsewhere? What financial resources are available to cover care, should your parent's estate or insurance be unable to cover the costs of care?

Focus on Conflict Resolution

It may be worth your time to go to therapy, perhaps even with other family members. Learning how to resolve conflicts that may arise can preserve your relationship with your siblings. Taking care of a parent is stressful, especially when you feel the load is not being shared equally.

Providing in-home care for your elderly loved can be extremely difficult. Fortunately, you have resources available in the form of professional help that ensures you can make it through any type of conflict that comes your way. If you need help caring for a loved one at home, don't be afraid to reach out. For more information, contact services like the Home Helpers Dallas.

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